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* tweaked draft articles
* started on linkchecker https://github.com/kjk/go-cookbook/tree/master/web-crawl
* find files: started on a website

GitHub has wikis but they are merely passable, not good:
* the editing UI is very bare bones
* the way they are displayed could also be improved

Idea: build a better editor and a better publishing for the wiki.

Technology: build a better markdown editor like http://dillinger.io/ or https://stackedit.io/ or https://hackmd.io/. It's simple.

GitHub wiki is just a repository. If your project is foo/bar, main repo is github.com/foo/bar.git and wiki repo is github.com/foo/bar.wiki.git

Unclear how to get commit rights. In the worst case scenario could fork the repo and provide instructions for how to manually merge into main repo. Hopefully it's possible to do from GitHub API.

Business model: either charge individuals a little bit per month ($2-$10) for the editor or make public repos free and charge more for prive repos, like $30/month. The idea here is that private repos are used by companies, which can afford to pay more.

Free access for public repos would act as free advertisement.

The business idea is similar to other companies built on top of GitHub, like https://www.zenhub.com/

* find files: context menu for listbox
* sumatra: merged https://github.com/sumatrapdfreader/sumatrapdf/pull/844 and did some minor cleanups

* find files: working on search in Go version

* experimenting turning https://github.com/AnthonyCalandra/modern-cpp-features into a better reference guide, using styling from https://diskprices.com/
* updated https://blog.kowalczyk.info/article/1Bkr/3-ways-to-iterate-in-go.html with cancellable channel
* moved Go Cookbook articles from quicknotes to under /books/go-cookbook. Markdown preview is
* find files: made Go version dpi-scalable
* read https://www.springzo.com/saga/simple-organic-traffic-strategy-14

* promotion: https://www.reddit.com/r/golang/comments/6mgp8f/3_ways_to_iterate_in_go/
* opened https://github.com/golang/go/issues/20975 for windows crash with mshtml
* fixed urls for og:url and og:image for blog articles
* find files: save index, load index
* posted http://discuss.bootstrapped.fm/t/talk-to-business-owners-and-find-their-problems/5146/3?u=kjk

* polished https://quicknotes.io/n/1Ll7-rotate-log-files-daily-in-go
* testing https://github.com/lxn/walk for writing Windows programs in Go. Rewrote indexing part of Find Files