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This release comes a little sooner that I planned but I wanted to fix rendering issues that cropped in version 0.4 when I switched the default rendering engine from poppler to mupdf. I fixed all the issues reported on the forums and in the bug tracker.\ \ But I didn’t stop there. I’ve also made some bugfixes and speedups so the application should feel more snappy and you should see “please wait” message less often plus I re-enabled predictive rendering of the next page (which got lost in version 0.4), for even better and faster reading experience.\ \ Caching has been improved so SumatraPDF shouldn’t consume as much memory as it used to in long reading sessions.\ \ I’ve added keyboard shortcuts for rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise (Ctrl-Shift-+ and Ctrl-Shift–, just like Acrobat Reader). This was suggested recently on the forums.\ \ And finally I added an About menu.\ \ Enjoy!\

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